footballIn America, football is not a game you play with  your feet. It’s a blood sport fought on the gridiron. It is a competition of strength and violence and if a bone gets broken on the field we will watch it over and over in slow-motion replay while we eat chips and drink beer. The Super Bowl is the ultimate football game, a spectacle of everything that makes America great: Freedom, Power, Celebrity. This year, the San Francisco Bay Area is lucky enough to host Super Bowl 50, a banner occasion for the sport and for The City.

No doubt there are a lot of people descending on San Francisco to cover the event and to join in the festivities. And no doubt many will be enticed to sample San Francisco’s cutting-edge restaurant scene. There are some great spots here in the city. But after you have enjoyed your meal at a place with white table clothes and precious plates assembled with tweezers, we here at Blue Plate would like you to consider the spirit of what brought you to our fair city in the first place: the great American game.

Join us for new American comfort food. Come in for a meatloaf or some fried chicken. Wash it down with American beer from a can. Blue Plate: a real American meal before the Big American Game.