This Wednesday, December 13th, we will be hosting a Fundraiser to help those experiencing homelessness in our neighborhood. Here are the brass tacks: any appetizer and any main course for $25. In turn, we will donate 25% of our food sales to the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center.

Founded in 2002 as a community response to the neighborhood’s growing homeless population, the Mission Neighborhood Resource Center (MNRC) advocates for housing and resources to enhance the physical, social, emotional and economic health of homeless residents in the 16th street corridor and surrounding Mission neighborhood. MNRC employs a service model based on harm-reduction principles and practices that focus on community building, basic human needs, and integrated health services for a diverse population as they move toward greater stability and well being.

At first we considered this night to be just a promotion. Despite what the stock market might tell you, we believe times are tight for a lot of us, throughout the city and throughout the country. We used imagery in our newsletter that we thought evoked the image of a traveling worker from the early 20th century. This was a poor choice on our part. Because the sad truth is that homelessness is an issue for too many in our city. We are coming up on 19 years and have witnessed the problem for too long. It only seemed right that we do something to address our mistake because our neighborhood has always been so good to us.

We hope that you can stop in and treat yourself, all the while we can help our neighbors that could use a hand.